A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Edge of the Empire

Too Much Trouble

The rise of the Galactic Empire saw the purge of the Jedi. Thousands died in the first hours after order 66 was given. Hundreds in the following days. A few resourceful Jedi lived for weeks of even months before being hunted down and killed. Even fewer, perhaps only a handful survived the decades following the Jedi Purge. Fleeing the terror of the purge, two Padowans survived, in hiding. One hid in the underworld, abandoning all thoughts of becoming a Jedi, he used his powers discreetly to eek out an existence far from Imperial authorities. The other secreted away by his extensive Zabrak family, given a new identity lived in hiding, dreaming of restoring the Jedi and bringing justice to those responsible.

The two were eventually brought together by another survivor of the purge. Although not a Jedi herself she was sympathetic and knowledgeable about the Force. Quickly they got in trouble with a Hutt crime lord. Teeming up with a Chadra Fan on the run from Hutts they found allies in some dangerous Twilek freedom fighters and a Bothan with his own hidden agenda. Eventually, with luck and some skill they came out on top. Now the three of them live on the edge of the Empire, trying to avoid too much trouble.

The Three Friends

Jared Star
Vaal Ma´dar

Ph-473 Eternal


They fly on a spaceship, a stolen YT-1300 Corellian light freighter originally named The Krayt Fang. Having disposed of the former owner, a Trandoshan bounty hunter named Trex, the group got the ship re-registered with the help of Bargos the Hutt. The now renamed Ph-473 Eternal serves as a base of operations while the group tries to avoid too much trouble.

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Too Much Trouble?

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